1. -7:30 pm Doors Open

  2. -7:45 pm Presidents address

  3. -Directors Reports

  4. -Coffee , Treats & Sharing

  5. -Vote on Finds of the Month

  6. -50/50 Draw

  7. -Silent Auction

  8. -9:00 pm Meeting Ends

Meetings are held at:

Royal Canadian Legion - Branch 275

755 40th Street SE, Calgary, Alberta


The Calgary Metal Detecting Club

The Calgary Metal Detecting Club is the oldest active treasure hunting club in Canada.  Initially named the Foothills Treasure & Relic Club, it  has been in operation since 1972.  

Over the years, CMDC members have unearthed thousands of old and valuable coins, including three very rare 1921

5-cent silver pieces, the most recent discovered in a Calgary park in 2013.  The 1921 "Fishscale" is one of the most valuable and rare Canadian coins.

Members have also recovered jewelry and relics, locating interesting objects from Alberta's earliest history (including military, railroad and NWMP relics).

What Do We Do

The CMDC holds monthly meetings to discuss the hobby & show off finds. From April until October the club organizes monthly Club Hunts hunts with Prizes. Each meeting contains an Educational section during which we learn the history of our area and best practices of metal detecting Presently, the CMDC club membership is a good mix of new and veteran treasure hunters.

The CMDC is also very Community Friendly, offer search and recovery services and being involved in Community Activities. We have also helped the Calgary City Police with searches in the past.