The Calgary Metal Detecting Club is the oldest active treasure hunting club in Canada.  Initially named the Foothills Treasure & Relic Club, we have been in operation since 1972.

Over the years, CMDC members have unearthed thousands of old and valuable coins, including three very rare 1921 5-cent silver pieces. The most recent was discovered in a Calgary park in 2013.  The 1921 “fish scales” is one of the most valuable and rare Canadian coins.

Members have also recovered trinkets, jewelry, and relics from Alberta’s earliest history (including military, railroad, and NWMP). Along the way, we’ve cleaned up parks and playgrounds removing pop can tabs, rusted nails, and even knives, keeping them safe for Calgarians of all ages.

PresidentBrett Buchan
Vice PresidentRod Coppock
TreasurerJackie Gulluley
MembershipMichael Morand
LibrarianDanny Morrison
Public RelationsAllen Billy
Hunt Co-DirectorsWayne May
Buzzer Editoropen
Social DirectorKen Kittlitz
Meeting DirectorJanet Hoffart
WebmasterJamie Schmidt
Current Board of Directors
Club members at a 2022 lake hunt.

What Else Do We Do?

The CMDC holds monthly meetings to discuss the hobby and show off our finds. Additionally, at each meeting members discuss club business, voting on issues and/or changes when necessary. There is also an educational section during which we learn the history of our area and best practices of metal detecting.

From April until October, the club organizes weekly to monthly club hunts, depending on weather and ground conditions. Hunts occur at various public places throughout the city with prizes are awarded to the best finds in gold, silver, coin, jewelry, trinket, and relic.

The CMDC is very community friendly. We offer search and recovery services and love getting involved in community activities. We’ve even helped the Calgary City Police with searches in the past.

Presently, CMDC membership is a wonderful mix of beginner and veteran treasure hunters, so come on our and see what we’re up to.

Code of Ethics

In addition to the generally accepted Code of ethics of metal detecting as a hobby, the Code of Ethics of the Calgary Metal Detecting Club will ALSO include the following:

  • I agree to uphold the Constitution and Bylaws of the Calgary Metal Detecting Club.
  • I agree to respect the Heritage Act, keep all ground disturbances to a minimum, replace “plugs” carefully, and not to damage or deface public or private property.
  • I agree to uphold all current laws whether Municipal, Provincial/State, or Federal that pertain to the act of metal detecting, treasure hunting, salvage, historical preservation, trespass etc.
  • I agree to seek permission before entering or searching private property, to inquire as to any known valuables and/or keepsakes lost in the vicinity of the search area, and to return same to the owner or their descendants if found.
  • I agree to remove all litter from the search area and endeavour to leave the area in a clean and tidy condition.
  • I agree to promote and foster a good image of the hobby of metal detecting in the eyes of the public and strive to achieve a balance between satisfying their queries while avoiding over-intrusion.
  • I agree to NOT pre-test organized hunt areas and to observe all club hunt rules and regulations.
  • I agree to show courtesy to fellow members and to share my knowledge and experience.

Want to be more involved with our club? There are many executive committee positions requiring dedicated volunteers to keep the club running. While we have a core of dedicated members doing this already, new faces and ideas are always welcome. To better understand the various roles and the responsibilities of each, click the button below.